500 MG THC Free

An oil unlike any other, Emerald Jane Organics THC-Free CBD oil could help you get going again. Our organically-harvested CBD oil is formulated using hemp oil combined with CBD tinctures could help aid symptoms related to anxiety, insomnia, and/or chronic pain.

500 MG (Full Spectrum)

Co2 extraction method is the safest way to extract the oil from the cannabis plant. This is the only form of extraction that Emerald Jane Organics will use. The 500 mg Full Spectrum oil has trace amounts of THC, but are legal in all 50 states.

1000 MG (Full Spectrum)

Our Full Spectrum CBD oil is 100% natural and contains trace amounts of the THC and other naturally-occurring cannabinoid compounds used in the hemp plant. This provides you the best from the plant without the psychoactive effects. Ingredients include Hempseed Oil, 1000 mg per bottle, 3rd party lab tested and Co2 extracted.

20 MG Gummies

Delicious and Inconspicuous way to get your regular dose of CBD and are infused with 20mg of CBD per gummy. Our CBD Gummies have such a good flavor you’ll never miss taking your CBD for the day! THC Free and infused with the finest quality CBD, our CBD Gummies deliver you with a fun and tasty way to experience all the benefits of CBD.

150 MG Pain Cream

Our Hemp Concentrated Therapeutic Pain Rub with 10% Emu Oil aids to intensely penetrate the toughest aches and pains. Natural anti-inflammatory properties from Emu Oil, combined with our hemp intensive formula, makes for the perfect topical relief solution. Apply as needed to problem areas. Great for chronic conditions.

5 MG Chewable Pet Treats

CBD Oil Chewy Pet Treats are a convenient and delicious way to make CBD Part of your pet's diet.  CBD Pet Treats may help with nausea, loss of appetite, chronic pain, immune booster, pain, anxiety and minimize aggressive behavior.  The bags contain 30 chewy treats and each contain 5mg of CBD Oil per treat.

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