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Rub a Dub Facial Scrub 

CBD Oil Sugar Facial Scrub is one of a kind finely ground brown sugar exfoliates your face and leaves you smooth and free from damaging chemicals we use on our face daily.  This Scrub exfoliates by using brown sugar, almond oil, vitamin e oil and distilled water with the fresh fragrance of lemon juice keeping you coming back for more. The subtle scent of lemon and burnt orange revitalizes the skin but will not overpower what perfume you choose to wear. The CBD oil infused facial scrub may eliminate age spots, dry skin and acne.

How to use- apply to damp face, rub gently to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Rinse well with warm water. Moisturize with CBD Oil moisturizer. Can be used daily.

Goddess Lavender Oak Moss Bath Bar 

This massive slice of exfoliating, herbal, vegan friendly, lavender oak and moss infused body bar soap is perfect to cleanse and relax your inner goddess. This moisturizing body bar is excellent for exfoliating and freeing the goddess in you from all the free radicals we subject ourselves to daily. The delicate smell of lavender and rosemary is a perfect way for those who prefer a subtle yet soothing sent to make your trouble wash down the drain.

How to use: rinse skin with warm water and rub the bar across the body. Rinse with warm water.
Not recommended for face. Use daily.
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