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Anxiety bites the dust

Lindsay shares her story

"For years i have had anxiety to the point of panic attacks and years of medications. I started the CBD oil while taking Celexa. After two weeks of being on the CBD Oil I called my doctor and asked to be taken off the medication.

I slowly (with the help from my physician) got off of the Celexa and have not had a panic attack or anxiety since. I am completely medication free since starting the oils and I sleep restfully for the first time in my life."

Poor Conduct is a thing of the past!

Jane's story, as told by her parents.

"Jane is 6. She is adopted and has severe separation anxiety and has her whole life. In the last couple of years it was totally controlling her daily schedule. Kindergarten was a nightmare with constant parent teacher conferences, poor conduct and grades.

The school nurse stated that she may need to be tested for ADHD. Jane was taken to her pediatrician and her mom asked about trying something natural and her pediatrician suggested trying the CBD oils. After much research, Jane was started on 500mg THC free .

CBD and within 48 hours she was sleeping 8-10 hours a nigh. First grade has been straight A's, no health issues and the teacher has not called due to conduct since school has started. The oil has completely changed her life for the better."

Nerve Damage 

William doesn't let nerve damage stop him!

William had a work accident where he fell and sliced his knee on sheet metal. The accident required surgery and the physician stated that he may never have feeling in his knee again, due to nerve damage. William started the

pain cream and within 48 hours he had feeling back in his knee and the pain is minimal compared to accident. He applies the oil twice daily and as needed for pain.

CBD Changed My Life

Mandi turns over a new leaf

I am a wife and mom to two beautiful kids, ages 6 & 3 and outside of them, my life was a wreck (starting around Oct. 2016). I'd been living life sick for ~1.5 years straight. Constantly feeling like I had the flu plus some…I hurt all over. I was having migraines lasting days to months. Fatigue & Insomnia were consuming my life along with the constant feeling of, “what was left for me? How am I going to live and take care of my kids”? Which that lead to more anxiety, worsening depression, weight gain, heart palpitations & chest pain. I was nauseous all day long & had constant diarrhea from the  minute I woke up to the time I went to bed (~30x a day). My

body wasn’t digesting anything because food was coming out almost like it went in & always bile covered (TMI I know). Acid reflux was horrible (popping 6-12 tums a day). I saw multiple Drs and had multiple procedures and exams done. No one could seem to find the source of all of my issues, until November 2017...hormone deficiencies were my main culprit. To say my anxiety was up is an understatement! Anxiety and depression are real y’all and when you have a laundry list like mine, it seems unbearable at times. I ended up on hormone supplements along with supplements for my

 vitamin deficiencies and was told to continue the supplements and prescriptions I’d been asked to take. For 6 months I had some relief, but not enough so I decided to try CBD oil. I took my oil & within 5 minutes I felt my anxiety had dissolved into nothing! At this point I was ecstatic, but I couldn’t allow myself to get too excited because I knew there was a chance it might just be a fluke, so I kept using my oil and kept seeing results every day. After 2 months I began to feel like I was getting my life back...Finally! All of my previous issues are either gone or substantially better. I’ll never look back! 

CBD Changed My Kids Lives

Mandi turns over a new leaf

My son has signs of ADD, but hasn’t been diagnosed with it as of yet. He had a hard time focusing and sitting still to participate in class so when I got my oil in I tried it on him. Granted school was out already for him but that didn’t matter really because they still had times at daycare they’d do stuff like school where he’d need to focus. I was approached by his teachers

 a few days after starting the oil and asked what I’d done differently with him. There was a huge difference in his attitude and attention span in daycare and they noticed. So needless to say when we changed daycares to get them both used to their new life with bubba going to an elementary school this fall, I knew both kids could benefit from taking the oil to help them with first day jitters.

My daughter went into a full blown anxiety attack when we went to the new daycare, hyperventilating and all so I gave her some drops and within minutes she was back to her normal self. I carry mine on me for that very reason. You just never know when you might need them. Both of them have been sleeping better and staying asleep longer as well. CBD will forever be a part of our lives.


Jessica's little one makes the grade!

My son is 5 and he has been diagnosed with ADHD. I personally thought he was just hyper and was acting like a boy. The teachers thought there was more to it. Before I would put him on medicine, I wanted to try a more holistic approach. I tried essential oils and many different supplements.

I wanted to try CBD oil prior to picking up his medications. Since we started the CBD Oil we have had very few issues at school. The school counselor thanked me for getting him help. I will keep it a secret that I never got him the "help" they wanted me to get him. Now the whole family is on it and we all feel better.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Davids legs trouble him no more!

I am a 68 year old man who has worked manual labor my whole life and once I retired it was very difficult for me to stay still, part of that is due to my legs. I have restless leg syndrome and sleeping was not possible.

I couldn't sleep in a bed, chair on on the couch without being in pain and miserable. I started the 500mg TCH free and I am not only sleeping, but anxiety is gone and I am having less headaches. I love this stuff!

Sleepless Nights

Sarah gets the better of the sandman!

First off I want everyone to know that no one or nothing has influenced me in any way except my own experience with this product. For years now I have had problems sleeping at night, waking up every hour throughout the night. I've had numbness and pain in my feet for years while trying to sleep at night. Dreadful acid reflux at least once a week for the last couple years while trying to sleep.

This all has caused great stress in my life and my health has detreated rapidly. Three weeks ago I was introduced to CBD oil. I thought sure why not give it a try maybe it will help me sleep at night. Never did I expect it to completely change my life like it has. My life has completely changed for the better. I am sleeping, have less anxiety due to lack of sleep and the numbness in my extremities is gone.


Steven's flair ups are a thing of the past!

I have a psoriasis for many years and have suffered. Not only is the disease itself painful but the side effects to all the medications are brutal. I decided to try CBD oil. I continued to take the medications prescribed to me

and a combination of the medications and the oils I have hardly had a flair up and the side effects are bearable. I no longer have acid reflux and I am having less tremors in my hands and feet. This is a God Send!!!

Cracked Feet

Suzie's cracked feet are no more!

I love the sugar scrub. I am not sure what all it has in it but-it is doing amazing things to my feet. My heels are pretty dry and sadly crack easily when I wear any kind of sandals.

I have been letting them soak in warm water and then applying the sugar scrub. Not only do I love the soft feeling it leaves on them...it makes my bathroom smell wonderful.

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